An architectural brand of a new scale,
bringing to life projects around the world
on the verge of real and virtual space
About company

We work at the intersection of the real and virtual world, relying on classical principles of architecture and design


We don't just create exclusive projects for the most non-standard requests. We clearly read your expectations and provide solutions combining advanced technologies and futuristic tracks.

Our goal is to create experimental and functional objects implemented within the framework of the approved concept. In them, every thoughtful detail reflects your exclusivity and the lifestyle of the future.

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Serdyuk Architects
Architecture Interior

When starting work on a project, we conduct an in-depth analysis of your needs. to create a unique concept. We place special emphasis on functionality, aesthetics and details, focusing on your cultural code. For any non-standard question you receive a clear response on time without loss of quality. Our goal is to unpack your requests, exactly reading your current lifestyle. And create a project, incorporating future trends into it.

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